Wheels in the sky keeps on turnin’

Everyone goes through a monotonous weekly routine at some point in life. Those dreary days where you just wish the weekend would hurry to your rescue, the constant beckoning of your supervisor or other employees who demand help and attention, the slow motion of the clock turning on every single minute of your day, and the inevitable crash or lag your computer taunts you with on a weekly or more frequent occasion. These are the symptoms of unfulfillment.

Days come and days go, it’s how time proceeds with or without our awareness. The best part about that is that there’s always a brand new beginning to the following day. We as human beings, have the ability to make a difference in what happens within them. If your days seem to blur together and you can’t seem to differentiate between them, start your next day off with something new and change your routine. You’ll find that doing this, will make things much more interesting.

More often than not, change creates motion — a way to stir things up in a motionless system of mundane occurrences. At first, we as humans refuse to go along with the ideas, and consequently deny ourselves the opportunity to become better. When we get comfortable with how things are, we enable our minds to rely on what is predictable and safe. Once you realize how change can create an exciting lift in your schedule, you will always see how change can be very beneficial; not only in your professional career, but also in your personal lives.

No one successful company or person stays consistent with what they do to gain momentum, because there will come a time where those efforts plateau. Conscious thoughts and deliberatation are made to enhance and expand an already flourishing system on the cusp of reaching its performance peak. To do the same thing over and over again with an expectation of a different result is considered insanity. That’s why changing is a necessity.

While the wheels in the sky keep on turning, your adjustments to your days will mark a development to remember.

If there were one thing you would change in your day, what would that be? Please place your answers in the comments below.

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