Finding the elusive niche

When it comes to finding one’s niche, it’s not as hard as it may sound. Though it can be as elusive as looking through a telescope, it is simply found by looking in the right place. There is plenty of room in this world to grow yourself and your ideas. There are any number of things people can find niches in. Truthfully, any niche is not absolutely unique, but the method itself may be the most unusual of it all. Through practice of these such methods, does one find his or her niche.

Perfection comes with repetition; the mother of skill. Without putting in the time to support your trial and error, you cannot justify the means of how your concept should be applied to an already known practice. To clearly give another person a visual of a new method or idea, due process must have transpired along with its recorded evidence to the fact. Once you have proven results, there will be no room for uncertainty except with the one viewing it.

People strive to find a purpose in life. Not many find theirs, nor do they know they live without one. It’s not rocket science, but when you find a purpose, your life becomes more meaningful. Not only is it more meaningful to yourself, but to those things you have your eyes set on. Your actions toward your target, is also what drives you to make your niche more valuable and attainable.

Whatever you decide on, just like with anything of importance, a plan to get you there will take you far from just knowing it needs to be done. Don’t be careless and just shoot from the hip. An unplanned course of action, has the slightest chance to end in a good result. Be honest to yourself, use good judgment, plan the steps necessary to gain results, learn from the failures that follow, implement a new plan that overcomes the errors, and repeat until you are satisfied.

Most things in life aren’t as difficult as we make them out to be. It just takes a little looking through the obvious, with the right eyes to see it.

Above photo: flickr photo by meenaghd shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC) license

I make it a point in my life to help people find what they’ve been looking for in respect to what they desire in their own lives. Whether it is for personal gain, or something more gratifying, I aid them in their quests. If you are someone seeking the same help, don’t be afraid to ask. The worst you can do for yourself, is to never ask a question, but please take responsibility when you take action from someone else’s advice or suggestion.


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