How to create longevity and success for a Small Business

We become what we want to be by consistently being what we want to become each day. - Richard G. Scott In this article you will discover: 1. What to expect as a small business. 2. How to gain feedback. 3. What outsourcing is and does. 4. The benefits of an assistant 5. How to… Continue reading How to create longevity and success for a Small Business


Structuring the Inevitability

In Spring, the snow must go; in Fall, the leaves can't stay. – Johnny Rich In this article you will discover: 1. How to find your passion. 2. How to structure your inevitable success. 3. The top 10 best practices successful people do. Potential inside UsHidden within all of us is a potential – A… Continue reading Structuring the Inevitability

Fixing the failures of Life

Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work – Aristotle In this article, you will discover: 1. The importance of accepting failure. 2. How to conquer failure with enthusiasm. 3. The top 11 ways to focus on success. Acceptance of failuresOvercoming failure is as difficult as solving a jigsaw puzzle, especially when you don't… Continue reading Fixing the failures of Life

How to become a better version of you

Do the best you can until you know better. Then, when you know better, do better. — Maya Angelou The automated conditionMany of us suffer from a phenomenon called automation. There isn't anything particularly wrong with it, unless it becomes counterproductive to your goals in life. Because it's essentially on autopilot, we are unaware of… Continue reading How to become a better version of you

Two ways to being Rich

There are two ways to be rich: One is by acquiring much, and the other is by desiring little. — Jackie French Koller Being rich is a very appealing lifestyle. The thought of being rich is that you can buy whatever you desire, whenever you want, without any consequence. But in reality, your life can… Continue reading Two ways to being Rich

Precipice of Fear

Life is about moments. Don't wait for them, create them. Moment to rememberThere is a moment in life where we, as human beings, have to make a difficult choice. It's possibly one of the hardest things we need to do for ourselves, because if we choose wrong, we will end up with regret or stuck… Continue reading Precipice of Fear

The lost “I” in team

A familiar phraseThere is a famously spoken and widely used phrase out there. Perhaps you might have heard of it before. Do you know of which I'm referring to? Yes that one: 'There is no I in team.' Though the first publication can be stemmed from sports in reference to Verns Law, it has been… Continue reading The lost “I” in team

On the Brink Entrepreneur

“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.” — Jimmy Johnson In this article, you will discover: 1. How your efforts affect your future. 2. What it is to be a true entrepreneur. 3. The top 8 things entrepreneurs do. Reflecting of EffortPeople have been working for centuries to get the things they… Continue reading On the Brink Entrepreneur

The Art of Appreciation

Change your expectation for appreciation and the world changes instantly. - Tony Robbins Social CommonalityAppreciation is nearly a lost art in these days. Thoughts of grandeur have been overwhelmed by the countless utterances of futile stories and its consequential commentary. What was once significant, has been long forgotten amongst a sea of social media uproar… Continue reading The Art of Appreciation

Wheels in the sky keeps on turnin’

Everyone goes through a monotonous weekly routine at some point in life. Those dreary days where you just wish the weekend would hurry to your rescue, the constant beckoning of your supervisor or other employees who demand help and attention, the slow motion of the clock turning on every single minute of your day, and… Continue reading Wheels in the sky keeps on turnin’