Priestess of Truth

君の闇私の光 (Your Dark My Light) © 2015 Gerald E Nigma Dawn, the Tiara PriestessOne of the six protectors, this priestess is the bearer of the tiara that binds a portion of Lilith's powers. The bearer of the tiara grants them limited manipulation of the fire element and its scorching and explosive properties. Because of the… Continue reading Priestess of Truth


Demon of Mischief

Renda, the Disturbed © 2015Renda is a demon that possesses the ability to project his image using a refraction of light through darkness. He specializes in taunting his victims with overpowering hypnosis, drawing them to a web of torture, ultimately leading to their demise. With his poison, he slowly intoxicates the unsuspecting victim while draining… Continue reading Demon of Mischief

A Lovely Merchant Girl

Eunice AlexanderEunice is the daughter of the former high priest of the Holy City Dunbar. Since her father's passing, her mother became very sick and bedridden, forcing her to work as a produce merchant in order to take care of her. Her mother was a former priestess at one point, as she holds much wisdom… Continue reading A Lovely Merchant Girl

Mysterious Figure

Landon NorgaardLandon is a descendent of the fabled demon hunter, Franz Norgaard. He is the antagonist in the "Your Dark My Light" series. He has a tall and lanky build, with light brown hair. His age is unknown. He first appears as a mysterious figure in the forest, where Isaac and Vincencio set out to… Continue reading Mysterious Figure

A Renowned Martial Artist

Gualtiero VegaGualtiero, or Guali, pronounced as Wally, is the father and mentor of Isaac and the brother of Vincencio. Since childhood, he was a prodigious student of martial arts and very astute in situational combat. He was a natural in spell casting and always rivaled his brother and his long time friend Mauricio. He was… Continue reading A Renowned Martial Artist

Priestess of Energy

君の闇私の光 (Your Dark My Light) © 2015 Gerald E Nigma Faith, the Necklace PriestessOne of the six protectors, this priestess is the bearer of the necklace that binds a portion of Lilith's powers. The wearer of the necklace grants them limited manipulation of the spiritual and natural energies. Because of the unique seal used, the… Continue reading Priestess of Energy

Adalina, the Scarlet Beauty

Adalina RoseAdalina is a smart youthful woman born to a prominent family. Although her beauty rivals that of a goddess, she is humble in nature. Her caring personality is what makes people gravitate to her, as she will nurture you like a good mother should, yet she is strangely single. Maybe she's just waiting for… Continue reading Adalina, the Scarlet Beauty

Lilith, Queen of demons

Lilith is one of the omnipotent demons that ruled over the earth, after the creation and formation of it's lands.  Not only was this Demon Queen very powerful, but deceitfully seductive.  She comes into the dreams of lonely men, who slept alone, falling victim to prey on their souls. Lilith has three forms. As the demonic form, Lilith possesses wings and… Continue reading Lilith, Queen of demons

Demon of Quickness

Ripaa, the Quick © 2015Ripaa, is a demon that possesses the ability to invade your mind through dreams. He initiates his victims with an overwhelming psychosis, drawing them to him through a dream-like sleep state. In this method, he can rip the unsuspecting victim of life by stealing their soul, though he likes to delay… Continue reading Demon of Quickness

Agost, Blade Extraordinaire

Mauricio AgostinoneMauricio, also known as Agost, is a master wielder of blades. Although he is versatile with any blade, he specializes in throwing knives and a short blade called the misericorde. He almost never misses his target while aiming, due to his incredible speed and decisive calculations. As his name suggests he comes from Italian… Continue reading Agost, Blade Extraordinaire