Life experimentation

Many of you are probably wondering where I get my inspiration. It’s through experience and interaction that drive me. Daily interaction with people, when I talk about what I do, about my plans to do, and about goals to help others. Yes, it’s in these small interactions, which reinforce why I’m doing this. Your likes/dislikes, your comments (negative or positive), you sharing my blogs and other social media, and most importantly when you talk about it with other people. There’s no better advertisement like word of mouth. It speaks more volume than a mere commercial.

Inspiration also comes from many other things. For me specifically, it’s music, books, anime, video games, movies, manga and comics. Music causes emotions to surface. With emotions, certain things can be envisioned, stirring up thought. Books are a way to stir up images you see for yourself. Movies show the director’s vision of a story. Anime, video games, manga and comics show you the artists portrayal of their story through drawing. All of these can help you create your own art.

Experience has a way of determining what we do next. Whether it’s work, relationships, or something that you needed to do. Although I’ve been through a lot, none of it had been something I’ve wanted to continue to go through. So why not teach? Why not do education all over again? Why not do what every other person on the planet has the option to do? All of it points to getting a job. Not that jobs aren’t great, but it means you’re always working for someone else’s goals, while putting yours off in a way. That’s not me at all. Been there, done that. Same things over and over.

If I am to pursue anything, it’s something that helps me explore and strengthen my talents and broadens my mind. It doesn’t place any limitations on what I can do, but sets the bar higher for me to get there. I’m talking about challenge. I love a friendly challenge. If there was a reward at the end of said challenge, that would make it even better. Wouldn’t you think so? Yes, there are many ways to pose a challenge. I’ll take almost every one, with the right offer.


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