Start your engines… it’s GO time

Lots of people have asked this same question time and time again, “How do I know when it’s a good time to start?” The  answer to this question is answered by a question in return, “What is keeping you from starting now?” Most of the answers to that question can be placed in the same category as excuses. The answer you should be spouting to yourself is, “Let’s go now.” Let’s not say that the excuses aren’t from valid reasons, but most of the time, it’s about an absence of knowledge.

Knowledge is power. That’s a well-known phrase reverberated throughout society, but not everyone knows the real thoughts behind it. What really is thought of in this quote, is the application of knowledge. When you apply the right knowledge to everything you do, your success rate increases exponentially. So when it comes to gaining knowledge, it’s not just from getting academic education, but education from others, who are already successful in the area of expertise, you’re looking to put yourself through.

When you have all of the tools at your disposal and the knowledge to use it, what is your excuse then? Maybe money could be a factor, but everyone knows how to make money. All you do is trade time for it. That just doesn’t give enough capital you need to sustain it. That’s where you being creative comes in, to find those sources you’re not thinking of. This too, is knowledge that cannot be learned from normal education.

Not convinced it’s time? Ask yourself these questions:

1. What is the purpose?
Everyone has a reason for the things they do. Make sure you have yours memorized or write it down.
2. What are you doing?
If you’re doing something special, make sure you have it planned out. More often than not, people fail without a plan.
3. Who are the experts?
Now, this might sound a bit crazy, but people who are already successful should have the right answers. Or simply find people in that specific field.
4. What should I ask?
You need to know everything. Even if all the information isn’t useful to your specific purpose, it can be used to determine your next actions.
5. Do I need to revise plans?
Whenever you gain new knowledge, you always want to look back at your plans and see how it applies. If you need to make additional steps, jot them down.
6. Who does this affect?
Whenever you make changes, whether it is for good reason, you always want to look at who is affected by your actions. This determines how fast you can take action.
7. How can I succeed?
Your success comes from your own effort, no one else will drive it for you. That doesn’t mean you need to do everything all on your own.

If money is not an issue, there should be no excuses. Your time is go. All you need to do right now is start your engines, because NOW is the time; it’s GO time.

Gerald E Nigma is a professional writer and author. All instances are based on personal experience and may not guarantee your own success. If you seek advice, please seek it from professionals in your field.

If you do have questions, please email your inquiries here.


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