Motion of the emotion

Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless — like water.Bruce Lee

When we think of motion, we think of things moving from one point to another – the ability to move and flow from place to place. It can also be, a mechanical movement, caused by a driving force. In order for things to move, there needs to be an initial action, a spark that causes momentum. With that in mind, when it comes to us as human beings, we must dig deep inside of our hearts and minds to figure out what drives us to do what we do best.

All things, in life, have a purpose. Whether it contributes to an ecosystem, a social society, or the productivity of a lucrative business, everything in that system is important to make it all run smoothly. If one thing falls out of place, or simply disappears, the whole entire system fails. A failed system cannot be easily fixed, as it takes time to find the problem, and revive the flow of energy.

A unique aspect of human nature is the ability to take action based on our emotions. The way we feel can be influenced by our desires, dreams, experiences, and beliefs. Sometimes emotions can cloud our ability to make sound decisions. Often times, we act directly out of emotion, prior to rationalizing or determining the repercussions that may result from them. For this reason, emotion based decisions are not as reliable as the resulting thoughts which occur after.

Water is the most formidable element of nature. It blends in with its surroundings, as well as becoming a dominant force in motion. As people, our mentality should be like water. If we can mimic all of our thoughts to how water can conform and change, we can accomplish things far greater than our own expectations. Emotion is the motion of our lives, but our mentality directs the flow of action.


2 thoughts on “Motion of the emotion”

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