Later never comes; Tomorrow never dies

First, I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome everyone back to my site and thank you for returning to a new year of excitement and success going forward. Happy new year to you all. If you have a New Year’s resolution, or a few, it’s important to keep the principles in this article, fresh in your mind, as a reference to your endeavors.

There’s no question to when I write about success, whether or not it’s for other entrepreneurs or individuals who work for entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs make changes to improve not only their own lives, but others as well. Regardless of either scenario, the principles uttered here should be used for each and every one reading this. I say this, because I love knowing people flourish with the knowledge they gain from reading.

I was talking with some colleagues the other day, and someone brought up a good point. One of them said, “I’ve got a lot of work to do, but I will start it tomorrow.” In response, another colleague asked, “What can’t you do today, that you would have to put it off until tomorrow?” Great question. If you have the ability to start right now, at this very moment, why wait until later to do it? What is really stopping you?

I could understand if what he meant by tomorrow, he had set aside the time to do it, but this particular colleague does not use a schedule, but rather goes on a whim to do things. Needless to say, all of his work and projects get delayed, because he always sees an opportunity to do it later. He is a true procrastinator, who has success, but could be even more successful, if he were a little more organized. Later is really just another excuse not to do something, because in reality, if you don’t set time for it ahead of time, later never comes.

Think of it this way: if later is a period of time set for a future, then eventually it becomes a time that turns into now. But if later is a period of time not set for a future, then it never becomes a time for now, therefore it never comes. So when you say you will do something later, you’re really telling yourself, you will do it now or never. The same rules applies to the word tomorrow. Tomorrow is a day that never arrives, because there will always be a tomorrow; tomorrow never dies. Unless you set a date for when tomorrow becomes today, you will always say tomorrow and find you never get there.

Here’s how to get around that slump of not being who you should be or want to be: 

1. Act now
Start doing things today instead of tomorrow.
2. Set a schedule
If today is not a possibility, set a time to get it done
3. Write it down
Use a calendar, an alarm, or other way to remind yourself of this task
4. Get to work
When that time comes, don’t pawn it off to another time
5. Own your goals
Tell others about what you want to accomplish, to gain some accountability
6. Work smarter
Failure is a learning experience. Learn from the mistakes and build anew
7. Find people
Surround yourself with people who want more. It will help you want to do more as well, when they succeed
8. Pay attention
Don’t get caught up in the world around you when it doesn’t benefit your goal for success
9. Get serious
Celebrate your accomplishments. If you don’t, who will? Just don’t go overboard
10. Seek the best
Be hungry for more, until you’re comfortable with the way you wanted to set your life out to be

Success is something we all seek. That’s why I’ve dedicated a portion of my life to help inspire and motivate others. Please follow along on my blog of inspiration for more ideas to succeed.


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