Life is like a swimming pool

Not everything in life will go your way. Sometimes, life can sweep you off your feet and whisk you away to the unknown. These situations can be very scary, but it’s important to know that if you can find a place to set your feet, you have a chance to survive. All unknown and unexplored places harbor risks, but most risks are acceptable when you want to come out on top again.

There isn’t anything in this life that is guaranteed, except death. Not to sound morbid, but it’s an eventuality. But that shouldn’t discourage anyone from becoming who they are supposed to be. Sometimes, living on the line helps you focus on what is needed — what is necessary to sustain life. It is within these moments where, we find out who we really need to be, and not what we want to become.

Sure, being who we want to be can be fun, but what happens to us, when we can no longer sustain what we want to be? All celebrities go through this dilemma, and it’s up to them to reinvent themselves to become relevant or become something else, time and time again. That’s not limited to just them. We all need to reinvent ourselves, as life brings us different challenges in our lives. We just need to keep on looking ahead and move forward.

There are processes and rules in life, that cannot be controlled. Who said you need to wait for them? Why wait, when you can create? That’s how successful people think. They think outside the borders of boxes, cross the lines that shouldn’t be crossed, and surpass boundaries that never have been passed before. You’re no different. All you need is the desire. Even with courage and effort, nothing will change without a direction. So find where you’re needed. Do something wonderful. Not just for yourself, but for others as well. You will find doing things for others is much more gratifying than doing things for yourself.

If you’re stuck on what it is, just sit back and look around. Life is like a swimming pool, even though you can see right through it, doesn’t mean you know how it feels to be in it. Soak yourself into your surroundings. Listen to what’s being said and what’s happening around you. You will find there’s more need for a hero, than there is for a celebrity. Changing someone else’s life directly is more powerful than changing it indirectly. Accomplishments like that will last a lifetime.


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