Revelations of a social experiment

I’d like to say I know success when it comes to writing. I’d like to say I know success when it comes to life. But the reality is, I’ve only seen glimpses of what could or should be.

I can’t say I have the greatest social life either, because if I did, I’d be lying to myself and to those reading this. It’s harder for me to keep friends than it is to make them. And as much as I don’t feel like I need anyone, that’s not the case at all.

Sure, I’m a private person. I like to keep things to myself and not socialize very often. I feel more comfortable with being alone by myself, than I do being a social butterfly in a big social gathering. But I always have a longing to connect with other people, even if it is just for a moment.

Last year, I started on a social experiment. I wanted to see how well I can do on social networking, as it comes to my life and life choices. I chose instagram for this test. Though I’ve had success in getting the “likes” for things I post up, I always seem to lose the followers. I suppose that’s how it is when no one really knows you. It could be because I don’t follow people back, simply for the sake of following them. Or maybe it could be that I should be more actively involved in people’s comments on my posts. Whatever it is, I really don’t know.

On Facebook, it was a little different. I know I have real family and friends on there, but no one seemed to have really responded to what I placed there either. I know people have their own lives, but I guess mine just isn’t as interesting as someone else.

The thing about Facebook though, is everyone seems to like the negativity. Funny things that make humor out of someone else’s shortcomings is sad, videos showing how to be a better side “person” is just immoral, stories of cops killing people and vice versa doesn’t help either side, and posts of people with memes that haven’t actually said those words are more popular than someone who actually has quotes with great knowledge for others to succeed becomes overlooked.

Maybe, I don’t know what I’m talking about. Maybe it’s just me and my personal preferences, but I find this all too disturbing. So, I decided to eliminate the negativity from my life for the moment and concentrate on something that is important to me instead. I’m on a social media hiatus, for an undetermined amount of time. I feel my writing suffers more when I’m exposed to these things then when I’m not paying attention to it at all.

I don’t see blogging as social networking. Though it has the potential to be something big, it doesn’t have as much exposure as those mentioned above. Besides, here is where I do my work. I’ve written part of my book on here and I’m truly excited to return to doing so.

Some may say that this could be my new years’ resolution, but to me I’ve been here before. I’ve taken breaks from writing, from socializing, from the night life (which is practically permanent), and I’ve felt rejuvenated doing so. So for what it’s worth, this is what makes me happy.

I have returned here to continue my purpose. I write for everyone who seeks inspiration, motivation, life revelation, and anyone who feels that they are going through the same on their own. I am prepared to show how to come out of this with more vitality and energy, as anyone should. So if you haven’t given up on me (or yourself), I urge you to stay tuned for more of my literary works.

Thank you for reading.


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