Lilith, Queen of demons

Lilith is one of the omnipotent demons that ruled over the earth, after the creation and formation of it’s lands.  Not only was this Demon Queen very powerful, but deceitfully seductive.  She comes into the dreams of lonely men, who slept alone, falling victim to prey on their souls.

Lilith has three forms. As the demonic form, Lilith possesses wings and power overwhelming to normal beings of earth. In her humanoid form, she possesses a very alluring shape and uncanny beauty, as well as strength that defies all comprehension. The last is her spiritual form, also named as Lilitu, which invades the dreams of unsuspecting men.  During this moment, all time and space is interrupted in a void.  She has complete control in the void, no one can escape it’s trance even though they are aware of it’s existence.

Lilith begat offspring to help her gain supreme control over the regions she reigned.  Though coexistence with human beings was a necessity, she knew that controlling them ensured her immortality.  It wasn’t long until the humans became knowledgeable enough to free themselves from her grasp.  In the end, her reign was dissolved and separation from demonic rule began.


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