Imperfections in perfection

The idea of perfection is imperfect in itself. Everyone has their own opinions, therefore nothing can truly be perfect and satisfy all. Be happy with who you are and whom you can become.

– Gerald E Nigma

It is true, society has an idea of perfection. But is such ideological thinking conducive to a person’s growth in potential? The answer to that is No. Simply because imperfection exists in everything. This mentality follows a commonly known saying that goes, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure“. Sure, the media has a lot to be blamed for and ashamed of when portraying what perfection looks like. But if you really think about what they show you, it’s just someone else’s idea.

We all have our own ideas of perfection. That’s what makes us individual beings. We think and act differently, we like different things, and we make different choices based on every single thing we experience on a daily basis. So why should we let the media control what we perceive to be perfect? What you feel for yourself defines that idea of perfection.

Beauty exists everywhere and there is a lot of it out there. Not everyone will agree with what is perceived as beauty, but many have the same conceptual ideas. The standards based on the media, are often unattainable by the average. There are far few thinkers who dwell outside this box. Deep down, they all know that what society conveys is just a blanket to cover our eyes. It’s like a safety blanket, if you look like this, you’ll be accepted.

The same goes with work ethic and attendance. People have different capabilities and work in different capacities. To hold one person to the same standards of another is not only wrong, but is also inconsiderate. Sure we all want people to work as hard and as fast as the next person, but if it were possible, we’d all be robots.

I’m not making excuses for those who have the ability to perform and don’t. Those who know their capabilities and don’t work at it consistently are basically thieves. They’re stealing space and opportunity from someone willing to do the work, they’re cheating the employer out of the pay per hour rate for someone who could be doing it correctly, and they’re taking the easier work load so that everyone else works harder.

Going back to the idea of perfection reflects less of what reality possesses. In an ideal perfect world, everyone and everything goes right. No harm, no friction, no problems, and definitely no waiting. Sounds too good to be true, right? We all know this world isn’t perfect, but that’s life.

In a real world environment, everyone has their own ideas, beliefs, and capabilities. So instead of setting a standard unreachable by most, cater to their strengths and they will outperform your expectations of them. In this way, not only are you respecting them but you’re giving them the driver seat, where only the sky is the limit.

To be imperfect by society’s standards makes you the perfect person in every single way possible. How you ask? It’s because you’re not limited to the perception. Your only limit is your imagination… and imagination can evolve and seem endless.

So I challenge all of you reading this, to go beyond the scope of the box and be that imperfection. Live your life through your imagination, as long as your imagination doesn’t cause harm to others. Heed caution though, for your actions can become detrimental to your survival.


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