The Line between Fandom and Friendship

I couldn’t decide where to post this, because it involves entertainment yet it was something I wrote. So I just reblogged it to mine instead 🙂


Social media and networking are at an all time high. Almost everyone Is connected somehow through the Internet — Celebrities to their fans, artists to their supporters, families to their distant relatives, and friends to friends of friends. These are often exciting connections, because people can communicate on common ground and in a timely manner.

Here’s where the problem lies. These social junctures not only blur but smear the lines of professionalism. It smears it so much, that the lines that once were there seem to no longer exist. At least that’s the sense a fan would have.

In order to understand why this line is important, we must first explain what it means to be a friend versus being a fan. A real friend is someone you know, be it for a short or long time, which has established communication and generally has some affect on the other person’s…

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