Light in a world of sadness

Sadness is a powerful emotion. It is probably the worst emotion to feel in this game called life. It breeds from betrayal, weakness, inadequacy, loss, and helplessness. Such an emotion can cause other feelings to transpire and take shape in form of depression, misery, alcoholism, and eating disorders. Though sadness can bring about much pain, it is a necessary experience that connects us to reality.

Through sadness, we can reconnect with ourselves mentally, physically, and spiritually. A void was created from what was lost and must be filled to keep us whole. Through mentality, physicality, and spirituality, completeness can be achieved. We may have lost out on something, but we can always find something new to replace it.

Though all aspire to live without sadness, it is sadness that keeps us grounded and level headed in what remains important in life. So if you are sad right now, remember that there’s a reason for it and now is the time to gather yourself again. It may go by fast, it may be slower, but sadness is only temporary – For it is the transition from one way to another.


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