Artifact of Faith

君の闇私の光 (Your Dark My Light) © 2015

Chapter 10: Artifact of Faith

Isaac didn’t feel a presence before the female voice echoed through his ears. Even with his newly heightened senses, it made it hard to distinguish where the voice was coming from. He looked around and saw nothing. Not even his uncle was in sight. Could this be another dream?

“I assure you this is no dream.” said the voice, “You are the only one who can hear this. My name is Faith.”
“How did you know what I was thinking?” Isaac asked.
“We are mentally connected for now, as you and I are the same.” Faith revealed. “But we are not of the same body.”
“Wait a minute! This isn’t making any sense at all!” he said frustratedly, “Just where are you?”
“It is you who can only find me. I know not of my location. I am not like you.” Faith replies.
“I don’t understand. What am I supposed to do?” Isaac inquired. “I don’t even know where I am.”

Just then a familiar voice thundered. “You do not belong here! Go back from which you came!”
It was Lilitu again. Her voice echoed, “You are not worthy! Go now before you are destroyed!”
“There is no going back!” Isaac yelled, “I’m here for answers! Damn it!”
“Truth will destroy you. You will perish along with all that is dear to you!” Lilitu’s voice echoes again.
“I don’t have much left to lose! If I must go through hell to find answers I will!!” Isaac proclaimed.
“This darkness you hold will be your end, but only through this darkness can you find truth.” Lilitu admonished. “I shall grant you the power of awareness. Now be gone.”

~ ~ ~

Isaac woke up disoriented. He looked around and saw nothing but darkness, but even in the darkness he could see clearly. A faint smell of blood lingered in the cold damp air. It wasn’t a smell strong enough for any normal person to make out, but to him, he can almost taste it. He closes his eyes, trying to recall events before he awoke, but to no avail.

Isaac opened his eyes and struggled to stand. He used the wall behind him to keep himself from tumbling back down to the ground. The wall felt wet, slimy in a sense, but this too did not jog his memory. He couldn’t even grasp where he was, it didn’t seem familiar at all. In fact, he can’t even recall his own name.
“Why am I here? Who am I?” Isaac asked himself. “What is this place?”
He heard no response, but how can he when there is no one else around. He started trying to walk, and though his strength hasn’t completely returned, he managed to make his way toward an opening. He suddenly, but vaguely, heard running water to the left, down the hallway.
“I better get out of here.” Isaac thought to himself. “Something’s just not right about this.”

As Isaac walks toward the sound of the water, he notices his strength coming back at an exponential rate. He sees a wall obstruction in his path.
“Wasn’t I just stumbling over myself?”, he thought as he hoists himself over the wall.
He lands on both feet. No sting from the landing. He looked back at the wall and it seemed to look to be as tall as fifteen feet high.
“I can’t believe I just did that. It’s like I knew exactly what I was doing.” Isaac said in bewilderment, “What am I?”

Isaac makes his way to the water. It’s a T section. A powerful stench of waste invades his nostrils. He realizes he’s in a sewer.
“How did I get here?!”, he asks himself, trying to recall previous events. “It’s no use. I still can’t remember.”
As Isaac contemplates in the spot he stands, he suddenly hears voices farther down the tunnel to the right. He distinctly observes the conversation.
“He must be down here somewhere.” a man says.
“If he is down here, we need to find him!” another man says abruptly, “Let’s go down this way!”
Isaac ponders to himself, “Are they talking about me? In any case, I need to hide fast.”
Isaac finds a void in between the wall across from him. He quickly makes his way into that space.
“I think I heard something!”, the first man who spoke exclaimed.
“Yeah! I heard it too, let’s go!”, the second man bellowed.
As the two men raced passed him, Isaac let’s out a slight sigh of relief. He saw them with searchlights and what seems to be weapons of some sort. The lights did shine in his direction once, but they never saw anything.
“Whoever they are, I better keep my distance,” Isaac discerned, “It’s a miracle they didn’t see me! I thought for sure I’d be spotted.”

Isaac heads down the tunnel in the direction the two men came from. He comes to another T section and decides to go left. As he makes his way down the tunnel, he hears another group of men.
“I’m trapped!” Isaac utters. “How am I going to get passed these guys?”
Right as Isaac said those words, more lights shined his way, yet the group failed to notice him.
“I know I heard someone say something down this way,” a man from the group says, “I’m almost sure of it!”
“We better check it out!” another man exclaims.
A third man spoke, “I’ll stay right here, just in case he comes this way.”
“Are you sure that’s wise?”, the first man asks.
“Don’t worry about me. I can handle myself.” the third man replies.
“We’re off then,” the second man says, “I trust you know what to do.”

As the two men charge in Isaac’s direction, he panics. He leaps to the opposite side on the tunnel, yet makes no noise whatsoever. Just like a feather glides down to the floor, Isaac lands on both his feet yet again. He looks back across and figures that the tunnel was about fifteen feet wide and thirty feet high. To his calculation, he skipped across to the other side with little effort. It must have been a ten foot jump. No running start. A standing jump. Impossible.

If the two men didn’t see or hear him, he was sure that the third man won’t notice him either. He makes his way slowly toward the third man. As he gets closer he starts getting a sense of danger. This man he approaches is seven feet tall, roughly 285 pounds, rock solid. He was built like a linebacker.
“If he catches me, I’m dead for sure,” Isaac thinks to himself.
Isaac moves a little more closer and finds an exit in sight beyond the man.
“I know you’re here.” the man says, “I’ve been waiting.”
The man swings at Isaac with intent to injure or worse. Isaac dodges but gets struck by a second incoming blow. “Too slow!” the man exclaimed.
Isaac finally recognizes the man, yet he is not a man. It was Ripaa, the Quick, in the flesh. Ripaa strikes him again with another blow to the chest. Isaac falls flat on his face, his breathing shallow. He doesn’t seem to be regaining strength. The sound of the men looking for him started getting closer.
“I believe this is where you pass out.” Ripaa told him.

The two men that showed up first were Agost and Vincencio.
“You’ve got some nerve to beat up on a defenseless boy!” Vincencio says angrily.
“Just what do you think you can do about it?” laughs Ripaa.
“Vinny, get Isaac and get the hell out of here! I’ve got this!” Agost exclaims. “Don’t worry. I’ll make sure to make this quick.” he says as he looks in Ripaa’s direction.
“They call me the Quick! There is no one faster than me!” Ripaa shouts. “Yaarrrghhh!”
“We’ll see who’s the quickest!” Agost yells.

~ ~ ~

Vincencio hurried toward the exit. Though Isaac is tough, he is a scrawny twerp in comparison to himself. Yet, Isaac wasn’t the malnourished, rest-lacking wanderer he once was when he found him. He had grown and matured so much since then.

They were being tailed. By whom, he didn’t know. He kept pressing on. Stopping wasn’t an option right now. First, they need to gather more intel on these men that are threatening Isaac’s existance. Are they out to kill him? What are they after? Do they know about the artifacts and seals? Do they know about our legacy?

~ ~ ~

“Wake up! Wake up you!” that female voice echoing in Isaac’s head again. “You’re stronger than this!”
“I don’t know if I am. I don’t know what I’m doing anymore.” Isaac replies softly.
“You are you and you still need to find me. Only you can do this!” Faith shouts. “Now wake up!”

Isaac regains consciousness. He finds himself bedridden. As he looks around, he finds everything to be quaint and peaceful, just like he likes it. Am I dreaming again? Where am I?

Isaac struggles to move. He stretches his legs to the floor just to feel shooting pain rush up to his spine. Ouch! What’s going on here?!

“So you have awaken. Are you ready to find me?” he hears Faith’s voice right in front of him. As Isaac looks up, his eyes begin to focus and he sees a young woman standing and smiling. “I knew you’d find me.” she says as she giggles, “Now let’s get out of here!”


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