Port Town Varosha

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君の闇私の光 (Your Dark My Light) © 2015 Gerald E Nigma

Chapter 8: Port City Varosha

It was daytime. Varosha seemed to be a bustling town full of foreigners and locals alike. The train station ran perpendicular to the wharf. The shipyards were busy with boats and ships coming to and fro. Some of these ships were to supply the fish market, and the others were convoys, transporting people and supplies from different regions to various other ports. It was surely as busy as they can get, but not something I’m too fond of. I like nice and quaint places; that’s just my preference.

~ ~ ~

There’s lots of things to see here: the local fish market, the dock and all of the surrounding ships, the strip along the wharf was filled with shops that welcomed newly arrived passengers, restaurants and pubs on a street that ran parallel to the wharf, a casino that sat at the end of that street, and a few lodgings to accommodate weary travelers. Fortunately, we had a few days to rest on the ride into town.

Agost was busy looking through some scrolls that would pin point a location to the first guild. Not enough information was found, but he determined that the place to search would be out of town.
“I’d have to say this place is something else,” Agost stated, “I haven’t been in these parts for a few years. It sure has gotten lively.”
“That’s for sure Mauricio!” Vincencio agreed.
“It seems this would be a lost cause to try and find something in a place like this,” Agost added unpleasantly, “Let’s stay here for a day to see how things change during the night.”
“Aren’t we supposed to be looking for the guild?” Isaac asked Agost.
“Yes, but we can’t just go snooping around, out in the open like this. We’ll need the cover of night to get things done.”
“That sounds pretty smart. I think you’ll enjoy a little relaxation after that long journey, my boy.” Vincencio acknowledged.
“Ugh! I can’t believe we’re just gonna sit around like this!” Isaac said with displeasure.
“Calm down Isaac. We don’t need to draw any unwanted attention.” Agost urged.

Just as expected, a port authority officer approached them. He was tall, dressed in a nicely pressed green uniform, matching Romanian style Captain’s hat, gun and holster, baton and belt, as well as newly polished shoes; everything you’d expect to see on a person with authority.
“Is there something wrong here?” the officer asked.
“No. No, nothing wrong.” Vincencio admonished, “But since you’re here, can you tell us which of these restaurants serve spirits?”
“Hmm, so this your first time here, eh? I’m sure I’ve seen you here before.” the officer determines as he looks toward Agost’s direction.
“Ahh yes, I have been here a few times. I’m Mauric–” Agost said as he was interrupted.
“Mauricio!!” the voice was feminine, coming directly from a crowd of people. A woman emerged from the crowd waving her hand. She wore a long pristine Victorian style light blue dress, white gloves and carried a small Victorian umbrella. As she came up to the group, she spoke again. “Mauricio. It’s me, Adaline. Adalina Rose.”
“Ms. Rose, you know these people?” asked the officer.
“Oh Officer Parker. This one in particular yes.” she said as she nodded to Agost. “As for these two… If they’re with him, then they must be good people.” She smiles at Agost.
“Adalina.. Oh yes Adaline! It’s been so long. We should sit down and catch up.” Agost gave Adaline a very familiar hug, one a person would only give if they were intimately familiar with them.
“Very well Ms. Rose. Have a good day.” Officer Parker said before walking away.
“You too.” Adaline acknowledged. “Aren’t you going to introduce me to your colleagues?” she asked Agost.
“I’m Vincencio and this is my nephew, Isaac.” Vincencio began.
“Very nice to me you both” Adaline replied.
“The pleasure is ours.” Vincencio admonished.
“Oh Mauricio, you’re just so reserved today. It’s almost as if you’re not happy to see me.” Adaline pouted.
“My apologies Adaline. It’s just that this is such a pleasant surprise.” Agost said with a light grasp of her hand.
“Excuse me, but can we go somewhere else? I’m starting to get hungry.” Isaac said as his stomach grumbled.
“Ha ha ha! Oh yes, forgive me. I’m sure you all are famished from a long trip.” Adaline chuckled, “Please allow me to treat you for lunch.”
“Thank you for your hospitality.” Vincencio mentioned.

The group walked down the street to a nice fancy restaurant. Though the men of the group were under dressed, they walked in following Adaline. A hostess came to welcome them.
“Thank you for coming back Ms. Rose. It’s always a pleasure to have you.” said the hostess as she smiled and asked. “Will this be everyone?”
“Yes, thank you.” replied Adaline.
“If you’re all ready, please follow me.” a male host said as he gestured a direction.

They sat in a booth, across from a stage positioned in the corner of the banquet room. The place was glowing with shimmering crystal and red velvet with gold trimming. The floor was a nice golden brown marble in the pathways to the tables, and the carpet looked to be padded velvet floors. Expensive paintings of artists decorated a few spots on the walls, as well as golden sconces to light them up.

“This is a fancy place!” Vincencio expelled.
“Thank you. My father owns it.” Adaline acknowledged. “I hope you have a good experience here for your visit.”
“About that,” added Agost, “We’re not staying too long, unfortunately.”
“Leaving so soon?” asked Adaline.
“We’re actually just here to pass through.” Vincencio insisted, “But we will stay the night.”
“How wonderful!” Adalina eyes lit up with joy. “You’re welcome to stay at my place Mauricio.”
“I couldn’t impose on you.” Agost replied.
“Go ahead pal, we’ll manage.” Vincencio urged.
“I still have something to discuss with you later Agost.” Isaac advised.
“I’ll accommodate your lodgings as well.” mentioned Adaline. “I can’t take him away and not compensate you for the night.”
“It’s fine Adaline. We’ll be off in the morning.” Agost proclaimed, “But it will be nice to enjoy your company tonight.” he looked toward Isaac and said, “We’ll discuss things after our meal Isaac.”
“Good, because I can’t wait to eat!” Isaac spoke proudly.

~ ~ ~

After the meal, Agost kept his word. They both sat down at a table away from the others.
“You seem pretty concerned about something to have to pull me away from those two.” Agost managed to say.
“It’s about my family.” Isaac revealed, “Do you know anything about it?”
“From what I heard, it was a familiar. Someone or thing your father was acquainted with. I don’t have much else to tell you. I’m sorry.” Agost said regrettably.
“That’s what I was afraid of.” Isaac spoke sparingly.
“Wait! Do you know what happened?” Agost inquired. “You seem to be unsusre about it.”
“I been having some visions recently. About someone my father was familiar with, but I can’t seem to picture his face.” Isaac admitted and continued, “They had an argument of some sort. That’s the first I’ve ever seen my father upset. I don’t know what they were talking about, but I can’t help but think it’s related.”
“Have you spoke with your uncle about this?” asked Agost.
“No. That’s the thing. It may be connected to him as well.” Isaac spoke lowly, then asked, “How well did you know my father?”
“Your father, your uncle and I were all trained under the same master.” Agost recollected, “Come to think of it, there was a fourth member, but he was expelled from our group.”
“What was his name?” Isaac feared to hear it.
“I believe his name was Damian. Damiano Vega to be exact.” Agost said sternly.

~ ~ ~

After their discussion, Isaac and Agost rejoined the group. They enjoyed a little more meaningless chatter before leaving. As promised, Adaline set up lodgings for Isaac and Vincencio in a nearby area from her home, before her and Agost left their company.

The lodge was quaint, comfortable and quiet. The attendants seemed to be professional and accommodating as well. Possibly, because Adalina Rose reserved the room for them. Nonetheless, Vincencio seemed to enjoy himself. Isaac on the other hand was lost in thought.


I can see Agost favors us and seems to be as reliable as his skills are. I wonder if he can give me a few pointers in combat as my uncle has given me.

My uncle, Vincencio, is quite the character. A beauty such as Adalina Rose, keeping him proper. The way I know him, he’s been blunt and abrasive. It’s nice to see a softer side of him. It makes me believe, I too will one day have a chance to view this in a lighter manner.

As for Damiano Vega. He was an acquaintance of my father’s, but how? Maybe he’s a distant cousin or relative of some sort. I really didn’t know what to think at this point. To find out someone I have encountered previously was involved in my family’s death. There isn’t much room to suggest otherwise. This is the only lead I have. Still, I can’t help but feel there is something more to all of this. I suppose some rest now will help clear my head in the meantime.

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