Demon of Quickness

Ripaa, the Quick © 2015

Ripaa, is a demon that possesses the ability to invade your mind through dreams. He initiates his victims with an overwhelming psychosis, drawing them to him through a dream-like sleep state. In this method, he can rip the unsuspecting victim of life by stealing their soul, though he likes to delay that, only by toying with them through several encounters.

This demon gets its name by being one of the fastest demons that exists in the material plane. His movements are likened to that of the speed of lightning. Combined with his powerful sensory distorting, mind control in the spiritual and virtual planes, he is nearly unstoppable.

Ripaa is not an ancient demon, but has lived for a few hundred years. He is one of the Seven Warriors of Dominion, a sect in the realm of hell, which controlled their share of souls, with arduous torture and painful punishment. He only answers to the leader of the seven.


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