Death Train

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君の闇私の光 (Your Dark My Light) © 2015 Gerald E Nigma

Chapter 7: Death Train

It wasn’t until the second loud bang that Isaac woke up startled. He had drifted into a heavy sleep, unaware of the impending danger that lay in wait. He scanned the booth, Agost and Vincencio were no where to be found. Another loud bang followed by a blunt thud was heard out in the hallway.

As Isaac slid the door open, he saw a passenger on the floor with bloody carvings on his flesh, torn right through the clothes he wore. The victim’s eyes and face gave an expression of disbelief, dread, and horror. Poor guy, he probably never saw that coming. The wounds weren’t made from any blade, they were too jagged, ripped in a sense, as if they were made by claws or talons. What did this?

The sound of scuffling down the hallway to the left, invaded Isaac’s ears. Then a screeching sharp noise followed immediately after. Isaac’s heart began to race. Was his uncle injured? What about Agost? He started heading toward the end of the hall, though quickly, he remained cautious.

As he slid the coach door open, he heard something clamoring about, coming from the next coach. He peaked slowly into the window and saw what he expected to see, a demon. It had ripped right through the metal shell of the train and began dismembering the people, feasting during the attack. Passengers backed up into a corner as the demon started making its way toward them. Neither Agost nor Vincencio was among them.

Stop right there!” Isaac yelled, “You don’t belong here and you’re unwanted presence is evident.”
“Don’t make me laugh little boy,” replied the demon, “What are you going to do to stop me?”
“Why don’t you come here and find out!” Isaac shouted bravely.
“I will as soon as I’m done here.” the demon replied.
Isaac scanned around the floor and picked up a piece of debris caused by the demon and threw it in his direction. “Face me now!!” Isaac demanded.
“Ha ha ha! You must have a death wish,” the demon acknowledged smiling, “I can sense something within you. It seems you have a strong life force. This will be satisfying.”
The demon lunged at Isaac. As expected it was fast, but Isaac was faster and dodges quickly. He jumped to the side of the demon and threw a jab to its ugly head.
“Is that all you got? Maybe I was wrong about you,” the demon proclaimed.
“You are wrong. Wrong to underestimate me,” Isaac said angrily, “but I can’t expect an idiot like you to figure me out.”
“Bahaha!! Your anger shows me that I’m right. Still, the life force you emit is truly intoxicating. I must have it!” the demon says as it salivates and its eyes open wider. “Enough talk! I don’t want you to spoil my appetite.”

Isaac prepared for the worst. His instincts told him the outcome to this will determine his overall readiness to handle more. If he can survive this obviously menacing force, he will not only prove himself, but it will give him the confidence he needs to press on with his search.

The demon was still, trying to calculate Isaac’s intent movements. It flexed its hardened muscles to exhibit its brute strength. The blood that courses through its veins were hot like lava, pumping effortlessly through its entire body. The shear physique of the demon was impressive, but in an instant, it grew to one and a half of its original mass. It brandishes its claws out in a downward motion. The demon grinned, relishing the moment.

In a flash the demon struck Isaac with its claws. The blow propelled him back, sailing into the corner of the coach car. Is it over? Was the might of the demon that overpowering for him?

Isaac stood up and laughed. His freshly scraped torso, dripped with blood from where he was struck.
“That was a good hit. I have to admit, you caught me off guard, but it won’t happen twice,” Isaac said assuredly. “Let’s see if you can hit me again!”
“You arrogant prick! I’ll show you!” the demon shouted. The demon strafed to the left and darted at him again. Isaac dodged as expected, but the demon anticipated his dodging direction and swiped his way. Isaac blocked the blow with his shin and unleashed an attack of his own. He countered with several well placed jabs to the neck, sternum and chest of the demon. The demon looked stunned, as if it were surprised to have been hit multiple times.
“How can you see me?” the demon questioned Isaac frustratedly.
“I can’t answer that, for I myself don’t know the answer yet,” Isaac replied, “One thing for sure is this: I won’t die so easily.”
“You’re intriguing, yes you are, but I’ve learned enough from this encounter,” the demon starts to dissipate, “This is only the beginning. I shall find you in person next time and deal with you then. They call me Ripaa, the quick. Heed this as your warning.”

As the demon vanishes, the coach and all it’s occupants return to their original state. Isaac awakens from a lavish nightmare which can only be taken as a prelude to what’s to come. All eyes were on Isaac, staring at him and small chatter discussing his presence was heard in different directions of the coach. A familiar voice echoed into his ears.
“Are you okay, my boy?” his uncle asks as he places his hand on Isaac’s shoulder.
Isaac jumped slightly from his touch, then managed to utter, “Yes… I.. I think so. Wha.. What’s going on?”
“That’s what we’re trying to find out,” Agost proclaimed, “You just suddenly rose out of the seat and started walking your way over here.”
“We tried several times to wake you, but nothing worked,” Vincencio admitted with discontent, “Up until now, we tried almost everything.”
“So it wasn’t real,” Isaac sighed, “I suppose I should explain, but in a more confined space, away from these onlookers.”
“Agreed.” both Agost and his uncle acknowledged.

~ ~ ~

In the privacy of their own booth, Isaac began to describe the  dream-like altercation with the demon who identified himself as Ripaa, the quick. He did not leave out any detail. What seemed to have felt real, was only a dream, which indicates just how strong this demon was. This newly found information fortified Isaac’s passion for uncovering the mystery of his family’s untimely demise.

Vincencio and Agost reviewed and tried to interpret this information. They analized the description of the demon’s physical characteristics in an attempt to cross-reference it with all known existing demons, but to no avail.
“This is all you know of it?” Agost inquired of Isaac.
“There isn’t much else to say,” Isaac replied, “It’s still so weird and sort of disorienting.”
“I can understand your confusion.” his uncle concurred, “After all, this is a powerful demon we’re dealing with.”
“Do you think this is the same demon from before? The one in the woods?” Isaac asked his uncle, remembering it as it just happened.
“It’s not out of the question, my boy. There could, very well, be a connection.” Vincencio encouraged, “The way you handled both situations is a tribute to your training. Wouldn’t you agree?”
“Uncle, I’m sure you helped me prepare for this and I do thank you for it, but I believe my father did the best he could before he passed.” Isaac said reluctantly.
“I know I haven’t extended my condolences to you yet, but I think this would be a good time.” added Agost.
“No matter. We must concentrate on what’s at stake here.” Vincencio urged, “We still need to confirm the integrity of the six.”
“You’re right Vinny! Let’s go make sure we’re not too late!” Agost replied commandingly.
“Are you in, my boy?” Vincencio asked Isaac.
“As if, I’d say no?” Isaac said sarcastically, “Let’s do this!”

~ ~ ~

The train reached Varosha with no trouble. Whatever occurred in my dream, or dream-like state, revealed a more menacing and eminent danger than the six seals. I’m not sure how I know this, but I can sense something brewing and it is just starting to take form. Each and every day my senses seem to get sharper and more alert than the previous day. If I’m not human, then what exactly am I? My uncle hasn’t dove into that discussion with me yet.

Is Vincencio my real uncle? Is Agost a true reliable source of information? What it their real connection to the Guild of Six Seals? Somehow, I have my doubts, but I need to stick close by to them, since they’re the only ones who have good answers.

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