Humanity’s destruction by an obscure reality

Today’s society has caused the devolution of the mind. Mass media outlets and the internet alike fuel this degenerative condition. We as human beings forget what’s important because we are blinded through smoke and mirrors, easily distracted by things that shouldn’t concern  anyone except the subject of the matter. Instead of remembering and reeducating ourselves on what can help us succeed, we fall victim to everydays’ glittering moment.

A moment that captures someone else’s life, seems to infect our minds and our hearts, because we enable it to do so. Moments of what a top celebrity wears, does, or says, always engages the topic of daily discussion and conversation. It doesn’t have to be a celebrity either. It could be as simple as the next door neighbor. News of the best new thing or a compromising situation, captivates our eyes and seduces our minds into believing we need to know those things.

Talking endlessly about these things is frivolous. It enables people to become mindless and irresponsible, creating the chaotic world we live in, as it becomes more and more destructive at every turn. Instead of filling ourselves with useful empowering knowledge, we waste away on social media practices.

Does such news actually make any difference in your own life?

I can only see how, if this type of information is what the company you work for focuses on, but does that information make you feel good about yourself? It may benefit you at the moment, but can it be useful in the long run?

The reasoning behind the questions lay within how useful it can be applied to your own personal success and goals. If these thing don’t help you in becoming a better you, then it must be a wasted effort. Most of the things people do are futile and waste time, when it comes to personal and relation development. What people should concentrate on are those they can physically touch, see within close proximity, and hear within an earshot away.

Don’t get me wrong. There are certain things about celebrities and people that you should know and that can be helpful in obtaining the same success. Things like how they started out, the obstacles they’ve endured, the achievements they’ve had, and the career choices they make. These things you can learn from and incorporate into your own life.

People are so quick to blame society for everything wrong in the world.

That is a way to think of it. Truth is, you make the choice yourself to live with it, rather than change it. If you complain more than offer change, you’re part of the problem. If you recognize the problem and do nothing, you’re part of the problem. If you offer a plan of change, you’re part of the solution.

Responsible mature people make decisions to change and help others. Immature reactive people place blame on others and offer no solution. Which one are you?

Right now, you may be thinking, why should I be the only one?

Let’s put this into perspective. If everyone thinks this way, the cyclic destruction continues. If some people change, it makes the world a little bit tolerable. If more people follow and do the same, it makes the world that much more better. If everyone changes, we end this cycle completely. What’s better for you?

You may not even be directly involved, but I’m sure you know of someone who is. So don’t just change for yourself, change for them as well.

So what can I do to change?

Information is thrown about, day in day out. Some useful, most notable, many serves no other purpose but trivial. Filtering, but not eliminating the information is crucial in life. It’s good to know, but not always useful.

The very first thing, is finding out what is important to you. Then, determining if it is a need or want. Wants are things that you can live without and still carry on with a sufficient life. Needs are things that you cannot live without, because if you don’t have it, you won’t survive. Needs are usually categorized as food, clothing, shelter, or family. Family is not necessarily blood related. Whomever you can confide in can be considered as family.

The next thing, is to find out how secure those necessities are. We all get caught up in spending way too much on things we don’t need. Making sure you have all your needs in order, will not only keep you happy, but it is a powerful motivator on pursuing your desires or wants.

There are plenty of ways to make money to secure your needs. Working in jobs and having a small business are the most common methods we usually think of. Investing and big business is what the successful think and do. So the question to ask is, how do I become successful? Ask the people who have success on what they did to get where they are. Most successful people will tell you how but not what to do. They can’t decide for you. You decide for you.

Strengthening the bonds you share with others is another way to inherit success. If you surround yourself with like minded individuals, both those striving and those already there, you too will eventually gain success. Your support group, family and/or friends should consist of such people. Everyone has negative friends or family members, though we don’t necessarily want them out of our lives, we shouldn’t confide in them as much.

When can I expect change?

Anything worth doing takes time. It requires tremendous amounts of time and decisive planning. It requires you to make goals not only personally but financially, holding yourself  accountable along the way. It’s never easy, but it always makes the journey worth it.

Start with yourself by removing yourself from familiarity. When you become uncomfortable, it drives you to action either by reaction or revelation. Minds tend to open up faster when caught between a rock and a hard place.

Secondly, create a new healthy habit. Despite popular belief, everyone craves in themselves to become greater than what they are already, but tend to put it off for tomorrow. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Next, concentrate on what’s happening right now. You can’t change the past and you can’t solidify the future, if the present is in disarray. Focusing on now will determine what happens later.

Doing these things can be exhausting.

It’s true. The effort it takes to do something right is less than doing it wrong, but it also takes double the effort to fix or salvage anything. So it’s better to do it right the first time, wouldn’t you agree?

Nobody’s perfect. Everybody makes mistakes. It’s the mistakes that provide the glue to the things you do right toward success. 

Don’t burn yourself out. There is such a thing as overdoing it. You need to maintain balance. Work, family, and self must be in constant equilibrium. If you need a break, do it. Just make sure you don’t get trapped on a break and live unfocused.

Even if you do partake in social media, it doesn’t make you a bad person. If you let it control what you do from day to day, maybe you should reconsider your hobbies and daily activities.


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