We must be fans of our fans

There’s no greater show of appreciation for an artist/writer you like, other than buying their finished products. This can tell them just how much they impact your life and how much you enjoy their work. But that’s not the only way to show appreciation for their hardwork.

If you like reading/looking what they portray, share it with others. You never know how many people are looking for someone to reach out to or read a message that touches their heart or soul. You may even find people yourself that you can connect with just by sharing. It’s always a good thing to keep like-minded individuals in your circle, because they are the ones that help support who you can become too. Word of mouth is the most effective type of advertisement there is.

Don’t forget to credit the artist/writer in your shared post, as others can find them and connect with them also. Besides, it is their work you are conveying.

Another way to appreciate them is by commenting your thoughts. No artist/writer can get any better than how they already are, if they cannot see any feedback from anyone. It doesn’t even matter if your feedback is negative, because that in itself helps the artist/writer improve upon their work. Negatives are like stepping stones to a path of success, without them our path can lead us down the wrong road.

If it wasn’t for our fans, we wouldn’t be who we are. So as artists/writers, we must be fans of our fans as well.


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