Guild of Six Seals

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君の闇私の光 (Your Dark My Light) © 2015 Gerald E Nigma

Chapter 6: Guild of Six Seals

It was no surprise to Agost why they were here. He quickly gathered some books and scrolled papers. As he placed them on the table, Isaac glimpsed at a drawing which looked like the demon Lilitu they had run into just before they arrived. The books were dingy and old, as if they hadn’t been used in a long while. A thick soft layer of dust covered the top of the first book. It read Knowledge for Hunters in Ancient Greek.

“So how’s your training Isaac? I can’t imagine it was easy,” Agost imposed.
“It had it’s moments.” Isaac replied calmly.
“Let’s get to it!” Vincencio urged. “We’ll have time for small talk later. Right now we need to know what’s going on.”
“You’re no fun as always Vinny. I don’t want to worry either of you,” Agost sighed, “But very well, if you insist. As you can see here, this was the ancient demon which had a controlled focus on this region of the world, aside from controlling it all. Lilith was a physical manifestation, while Lilitu was only spiritual. Lilith had two physical forms as well, humanoid and demonic. Both are intertwined — in some instances, they show to be the same entity.”

Agost continued with his explanation of the events that took place. Demons would run rampant and hunters were needed to restore balance whenever situations became too grave. These hunters studied various fighting techniques, weaponry, as well as incantations and mastered these arts in order to vanquish or banish the demon calamity. It wasn’t long until the hunters became greedy and decided to rid the world of these pests altogether. They would have to target the source, but Lilith could not be lured out into the open until it was necessary.

When the demons started losing their strength in numbers, it was Lilith who made her appearance. She only appeared in demonic form and was much more powerful than the hunters have ever imagined. Initially, she would feast off of the hunters one by one, after they were each defeated. Each fallen hunter would either turn into a demon or become completely annihilated. At times there would be small groups that came all at once, yet they were still ineffective and unsuccessful in all of their attempts. All was almost lost and hunters were becoming scarce. The hunters were desperate to try anything.

Then an intriguing young hunter, Franz Norgaard, caught her eye. He was a prodigy in the aspects of spells casting. She appeared to him in an alluring humanoid form, as she knew he would be useful to her. Instead of causing harm to him, she deceptively seduced him in order to obey her commands. She fed off of his spiritual strength and strong life force, yet offered him an ultimatum.

Franz was no fool. He quickly saw this as a great opportunity for his fellow hunters. As he would do her bidding, he orchestrated her downfall, gathering the remnants of hunters he knew of. When the timing was right, he’d give the signal to order an all out assault. Though the plan was foolproof, the probability of success was less than half. For him it was worth a shot. Anything was better than being a slave to demons.

The plan failed, yet an alternate one was devised in realization of its failure. They sealed away Lilith’s powers into six separate artifacts. The location of these artifacts were dispersed around the world, to unrecorded locations to protect them against releasing the demon. Those with the knowledge of the location of the artifacts, have long passed away but rumors of the artifacts’ locations were supposedly written in a scroll. These scrolls were locked with seals themselves, in order from keeping them from getting into the wrong hands. This movement marked the creation of the Guild of Six Seals.

Agost finished reciting the information written on the scrolls. He then looked up at both Isaac and Vincencio. “That is all that we know of,” Agost admitted, “But the six guilds have found each other and kept a line of communication open.”
“So how does this tie into the appearance of Lilitu?” Vincencio asked.
“That is also still unknown.” Agost said regrettably.
“I think Lilitu is here because all of the locations of the artifacts have been found,” Isaac spoke decisively, “Why else would she appear?”
“You could be right!” Agost exclaimed.
“So now we need a plan to stop the seals from being broken,” Vincencio urged, “You must contact the other guilds immediately!”
“Do you know the locations of the guilds?” Isaac asked Agost.
“I do. I mapped out their locations just in case something like this would happen,” Agost explained.
“Send the message to all of them. They need to be warned of this news.” Vincencio admonished.
“We can’t be certain that it is correct,” Agost rationalized, “But I think we should visit these locations all the same.”
“Where do we start?” Isaac asked.
“The closest one is in Varosha,” Agost determined, “We should head there. It’s a two day excursion by train.”
“Then it’s settled,” Vincencio smiles, “You’re in for a treat, my boy. It’s time to have some fun!”

~ ~ ~

Fraumheinen was where the nearest train station was. It wasn’t a bustling town, but it had it’s own antiquities. The trains were all steam powered. Our train was affixed with shiny brass fittings and a stout steam pipe. It let out a long plume of steam and smoke as it whistled, signaling for its departure. The smell of oil and steam impregnated the surrounding air.

As the smoke cleared, I noticed a young lady by the ticket booth. She was robed in a long, red and purple Victorian dress, a small chimney pot hat, and dark choker with a time piece on it. What really caught my eye, was the black eye patch she wore over her left eye. She seemed a bit intriguing, yet mysteriously dangerous. She glanced my way and gave me a quick smile and nod. Another whistle. When the steam cleared this time, she was nowhere in sight.

We boarded the train just before it was leaving. By this time of day, we’d still be training in the woods. I don’t miss it, but I did get accustomed to living that way. This seems odd. Maybe it’s just my imagination, but I’m beginning to think this is all too convenient. As if we were the missing pieces to a puzzle that needed to be solved. I guess you can say, I am a bit leery about all of this at this point.

I’m still curious to know about Agost’s connection to my uncle. Did they still have contact after he left? Have they maintained a close standing relationship or was it more casual, a mutual respected acquaintance? Did he know my father as well? Does he even know he died? And that speed, it’s just — uncanny!

It’s still a mystery on how my family died. Where does this all tie into their deaths? I haven’t asked Agost about it yet, possibly because I’m hesitant to know the truth. I fear it may steer me in the wrong direction.

Six artifacts. Six seals. Six guilds. To protect against the eminent threat of Lilith coming back, they hid the artifacts, but recorded their locations? That doesn’t add up. Furthermore, why seek them now? Wouldn’t it just be safer to keep them where they are? Besides, the seals themselves would deter anyone from trying to collect them. It takes knowledge of seal spells to dispel them. Both my uncle and I know these teachings.

As a precautionary plan to ensure the safety of the artifacts remain in tact, I suppose I can’t dispute it. The threat which exists is more of a concern than the lost possibility of reliance. If the guilds had trained personnel such as myself and my uncle, there shouldn’t be any underlying concerns. The unknown is just as a fearsome as the threat itself. Lilitu is a spiritual form of Lilith. To show up now means the seals have weakened, or worse. Maybe Lilitu has planned to release her physical form by undoing the seals and regain dominion over the world it once controlled. A powerful demon like that is not a demon to reckon with. But the demon must have some help somewhere.

That voice from the shadows in the woods! That must be the connection to Lilitu, though we have not encountered another demon since. We might be under surveillance. Lilitu’s confidant may be following our movements. I must keep wary of any sudden changes.

For now, I think I’ll lightly rest since we aren’t able to go anywhere. Keep my eyes shut, but my ears open. Something tells me that this quiet ride will become terribly dangerous very quickly.

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