Agost, Blade Extraordinaire

Mauricio Agostinone

Mauricio, also known as Agost, is a master wielder of blades. Although he is versatile with any blade, he specializes in throwing knives and a short blade called the misericorde. He almost never misses his target while aiming, due to his incredible speed and decisive calculations.

As his name suggests he comes from Italian lineage. He has a slender athletic build and lanky stature. His blonde flashy hair mirrors his personality. He likes to show off his skill, whenever possible, especially to the local townspeople.

Agost is no stranger to work. He works as a skilled leather crafter, designing his own creations, as displayed from his belt sash. He made Vincencio‘s signature trench coat to be durable and light. Now that he’s met Isaac, he has plans to create a similar one for him as well.

Agost grew up with Vincencio and Gualtiero (Vincencio’s recently deceased brother). They all studied the same fighting styles, but it was Agost who exceeded them both in weaponry. As his training ended with his comrades, he departed to take over his family’s business. 


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