20 Ways to Define Yourself

Life is complicated. Some days you have it easy and you feel like you’re living the dream. Other days you have it so hard that it just feels like you’re going through hell. But that’s what the whole point of living is, isn’t it? If you had it easy all the way through, you’d get bored soon enough.

Here are some comparisons of what winners and losers think and do in these given situations:

1. When having a setback.

  • Winners think of it as a defining moment that will lead them to a future accomplishment.
  • Losers think of it as an excuse to walk away and give up.

2. When encountering adversity.

  • Winners remember that it will happen and embrace it, because they know it will lead to bigger and better things.
  • Losers remember that it happens all the time and reject themselves, because they know they can never do anything better.

3. When facing negative people.

  • Winners know the key to staying positive is to face them head on, because overcoming negativity will define who you will become.
  • Losers often are negative and will do everything to avoid them, because they want to hear the words ‘I told you so’.

4. When facing naysayers.

  • Winners remember who have supported them since the beginning and set higher goals.
  • Losers remember what they’ve said and finally agree to give up.

5. When facing critics.

  • Winners know that they’ve done their best and realize they can still do better, by surrounding themselves with like-minded people.
  • Losers know that they’ve gave it a go and realize that giving it their best was a wasted effort.

6. Waking up in the morning.

  • Winners spring up out of bed, take a morning walk and ready their minds for success.
  • Losers roll around, curse that it is already morning and try to find an excuse to stay in bed.

7. When facing fear.

  • Winners trust themselves and keep faith in knowing what they do makes a difference.
  • Losers doubt themselves and lose faith because what they do doesn’t change a thing.

8. When facing failure.

  • Winners find a lesson to learn and use it to remind them of the success they’ve achieved.
  • Losers fail to learn from it and look back at all the other failures they’ve experienced.

9. Heading into battle.

  • Winners create and visualize a game plan and prepare alter routes to achieve success.
  • Losers wing it and expect to win without any thought.

10. Thinking about the past.

  • Winners focus their energy on the present, because it is most useful in the moment.
  • Losers dwell on it and worry, derailing themselves on what is needed to be done.

11. When listening to complaints.

  • Winners take the responsibility for their own actions and figure out a solution.
  • Losers blame others for their lack of ability and create more problems.

12. When facing doubt.

  • Winners weed themselves through it by displacing it with positivity and self-motivation.
  • Losers allow it to cloud their minds and let negativity show in their emotions.

13. When facing distraction.

  • Winners remain focused and observe everything around them, creating a successful safe zone.
  • Losers get distracted and blend into their surroundings, losing sight of their dreams.

14. When facing the impossible.

  • Winners remind themselves that it is possible and realize that with help, it can happen sooner.
  • Losers don’t believe or trust in others and simply give up any possibilities.

15. When feeling lost.

  • Winners pray to God for guidance and strength to find a way.
  • Losers don’t believe God exists and believe they can find their way without any help.

16. When feeling lonely.

  • Winners think of all of the people who love and support them now, and along the way.
  • Losers think of all the people they have lost and regret ever meeting them.

17. When feeling drained.

  • Winners remember to never, ever give up and finish what they’ve started.
  • Losers think of how tired they are and how much easier it would be to quit.

18. When feeling incapable.

  • Winners recognize their limits and know that through God and help, anything is possible.
  • Losers blame themselves for thinking they can do things and forget everything.

19. When control is lost.

  • Winners focus on what they can control and let go of anything they can’t.
  • Losers get frustrated and get angry, depressed, or completely shutdown.

20. When under pressure.

  • Winners remember to have fun, stay positive and thrive, and seize the moment to give it all they’ve got to finish.
  • Losers collapse and struggle to finish, because the pressure is too much for them to handle.

We all have our off days. We may not think and do as a winner everyday. Just remember that today is today and tomorrow is a brand new day to prove to yourself who you are.

Don’t lose focus on your dreams. Pursuing them expands your mind and opens up new paths on how to accomplish them.

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