Your Dark

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君の闇私の光 (Your Dark My Light) © 2015 Gerald E Nigma

Chapter 4: Your Dark

After the lavish meal we had for breakfast, my uncle began telling the story he knew about the past. It was a story no ordinary person has ever heard. In fact this was the first time I’ve heard of it myself. I thought I was ordinary. I lived a great life with my family up until their untimely demise, which lead me here. From what he remembered, he explained that our ancestors were a legion of demon hunters, marred with a twist in fate.

It all started over 2,000 years ago. During a routine hunt, one of the hunters known as Franz Norgaard encountered a powerful demon. Franz was oblivious to the fact she was a demon, because she possessed an unnatural beauty which he believed can only come from the heavens.

Initially, the demon lured him seductively in order to feed off of his strong life force, but then decided on a different course of action. She gave him a choice of a life with great power, prosperity and fame, if he would serve her with an unending supply of people to feast upon. That or suffer eternal pain, of a thousand cuts dipped in salt water, a hundred fold, until death. All of which will transcend time to his descendants, successors and their families.

Franz obviously took the first choice, unknowingly that she will eventually consume him. In order to seal the deal, Franz had to drink blood from the demon, which nearly killed him. In fact, it made him feel invincible after awhile. She told him as long as she remains strong, he will not die. She warned him that he may also exhibit the same urges as she does, but such is the price accompanied with such power.

After a few decades of serving the demon, Franz grew weary of its constant needs and his insatiable appetite. Death is a far better choice than this, he regrets. He then devised a plan. Once a name of a demon is known, there are methods to expell it out, seal it away, or destroy it completely. During his tenure with the demon, he had gained her trust and learned of her name. It was Lilith, an ancient demon originating near the beginning of time itself. He had to employ the services of fellow demon hunters that have turned their backs on him. To convince them, any riches and land he acquired would be divided amongst those who assisted in his plan. Whether or not the plan succeeded, he knew that he wouldn’t survive either way.

Franz guessed right. The plan to exorcise the demon was flawed. It wasn’t a complete failure because they managed to weaken the demon enough to seal it away instead. But just as he expected, his life deteriorated as soon as the demon ceased to exist in the same realm. However, his bloodline did continue past his death into his unborn son.

Centuries had passed since that time. The story of Franz became folktales and almost no one knew what became of his son. The hunters who were involved dispersed with the riches bestowed on them, vowing to never hunt again. It wasn’t until recently that signs of demonic activity began.

A small spiritual group discovered scrolls, books and writings of demons and their capabilities. These manuscripts outlined combat techniques, specialized weapons, and spell casting that were formidable in fighting demons. These men and women studied the ancient writings and formed a secret guild of hunters. Amongst these hunters, were ancestors of the Vega family.

As for the son of Franz, nothing can be said except that the bloodline still continues to exist. That same terrible bloodline marred by demonic blood, although dormant can awaken at any time. The Vegas are of that bloodline.

~ ~ ~

It wasn’t until the next day that I started having horrible nightmares. Or were they visions? Premonitions perhaps. Sometimes, I’d catch myself during the day, seeing them. Either way, what my uncle revealed to me is a lot to digest. I mean, I’m still a child. I’ll be considered matured within a couple of weeks. This is all coincidental.

I feel groggy at best on a daily basis. If it weren’t for my uncle, I’m sure I wouldn’t have survived that ordeal. It’s been a couple of days since then, but even though I’m fully healed, I feel drained.

My uncle comes in through the door. “How are you feeling?” he questioned.
“As tired as I’ve seem to have been lately,” I replied softly, “I’m sorry if it bothers you.”
He chuckles and says, “I’m not the one you should be worrying about, my boy! You need to get your head back into this!” he admonished.
“Easier said than done uncle. These circumstances are a lot to take in. By the way, what’s there to eat? I’m famished,” I asked attempting to change the subject.
“We’ll go into town today,” he smiled, “There’s someone I want you to meet.”
“That’s a change!” I exclaimed surprisingly, “What’s the occasion?”
“It’s more like we need to get back to civilization, my boy,” he uttered, “I have yet to take you back home.” He looks around and says, “We leave at dusk.”

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