Not written in stone

Nowadays, the idea of ‘LOVE’ is thrown around just as much as money gets spent. We lack the accountability of when to use it or who to use it on. Just as if time were the determining factor, we use this idea in such a way that it means nearly nothing as we say it to one another. As if it’s more of just an afterthought.

When you truly love someone, nearly nothing can waiver your feelings. Others may not understand why you feel the way you do or for whom you feel it for. They may even express disapproval and try to hinder your path, creating obstacles that can tear through your relationship. Don’t be deceived. The most important thing to remember, is if they truly love and support you, they will understand your decisions.

The one you feel for may even cause you much distress at times. To continue to have emotions regarding such a person is a double-edged sword. It is healthy in a way that you can strengthen you bonds together. But it is also dangerous in a way that it can shatter your world and destroy your life. Even despite all of the hardships, heartaches, pain, and suffering, you can feel like whatever may happen, only tests your love. If it doesn’t falter, the bond becomes such love deemed to be unconditional.

Whether the love is for friends, family, or a significant other, you know how it feels for each and every one of them. It may not be the same type of love, but that doesn’t mean it’s not as strong. To love everyone differently is the way life is supposed to be. Can you imagine loving your child the same as loving your spouse?

Being in love is different from unconditional love. Don’t confuse the two. With the ‘in love’ feeling, it’s like a dream state where everything is going exactly the way you want it to and you think nothing can go wrong. With unconditional love, anything can go wrong but you love them anyway, no matter what happens.

Love is not written in stone. So today’s question to you is: Will my love last a lifetime like the mountain in the distance or will it wash away like the sand by the beach?

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