Brother Vega

Vincencio Vega © 2015

Vincencio is tall muscular type. He has slicked back dark mocha brown hair, hazel eyes. He has a rugged demeanor about him, as if he’s been through many life and death scenarios. He sports a dark trench coat almost all the time, with a nicely pressed suit underneath. Occasionally you’ll see him wearing a top hat.

Isaac Vega only remembers his immediate family. The thought of someone else in relation to him is unthinkable, only for the fact he has little to no recollection of family members anywhere else. Yet, the lingering notion of something familiar with his newly found uncle can’t escape him.

Vincencio is indeed related to Isaac. He is the eldest brother to his father and the only surviving relative known. He is the second oldest of five children. Besides Isaac’s father, the rest were female. Like his brother, Vincencio was a fighter, but not world renowned. He wasn’t a fighter for popularity, they were for survival. Much like Isaac, he knows the pain of loss, but he seeks to mold and focus Isaac’s mind into something more meaningful.

Little is truly known of Vincencio’s activities and how he came to find young Isaac, but he knows a lonely path can only lead to a dark road. As to the origins of the Vega family, all will be revealed in time.


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