Meet Isaac Vega

Isaac Vega

Isaac Vega is the protagonist in the story “Your Dark My Light“. He is a bit lanky in stature, but is very strong willed, with aubergine hair draped across his face. Although he had a great time growing up, he went through a sudden traumatic adolescence.

His family; two younger sisters, mother and father, lived on a huge lot, away from town. In the backyard, they kept a barn-like enclosure, a little bigger than a shed, where his father would go out and take up on his hobbies after work. Since he knows his father is a proud man, he always tends to show off his creations to his family. Isaac figured they may be there when he was greeted by an empty house and wanted to let them all know he was home. What laid in store for him, was the most gruesome and horrific sight, no child should have to endure. His whole family was slaughtered while he was away at the market, fetching some needed ingredients for dinner.

At the age of a delicate fifteen, Isaac was alone, completely, for the very first time in his life. Distraught from his finding, he wandered the world searching for answers, stealing and living like a vagabond. He can attribute his survival skills from his early training with his father, whose philosophy was to always be prepared at all costs. But what awaits young Isaac, as he discovers the truth?


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